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"As an international hula dancer for nearly 20 years,  and a flight attendant for over 5 years, I've been fortunate to travel around the world. While abroad, often times with a demanding schedule, I get a massage to help relieve the tension in my body. I even had a spa membership to get a monthly massage, each session being with a different masseuse. But 3 years ago, I had the privilege of experiencing my very first massage with Amy. And she is by far THE best. She understands the body and the way the muscles work and it translates to her massage techniques. At the end of every session with Amy, all the tension is gone and my body feels relaxed. I always look forward to my next session with her. And now that she's back in Hawaii I can't wait to see her even more!"

-Radasha Ho`ohuli, Miss Hawaii USA 2006,  Hapa- Hula Soloist,  Hawaiian Airlines- Flight Attendant.

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"Let me tell you, the BEST MASSAGE all of us have ever gotten.  I usually get regular massages and I have been to all types of massage.  The massage I got from AMY was by far the best massage I have ever gotten!  She uses different modalities and her knowledge of the anatomy of the body really lets her give you the best massage just right for your body type.  

I have NEVER written a yelp review but felt compelled to write one for Amy because she was so fantastic.  If she was in LA, I would go to her routinely!  Her talents are wasted in Hawaii!  There are more stressed people in LA than Hawaii!"

-female, age 34, Internal Medicine Physician, Irvine, California

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  "I had been a person that didn’t like massage because it always felt like my back hurt more than when I got to the place. My experience with Amy was very different.  I found her to be an amazingly talented massage therapist, personable and genuinely concerned for my well-being. She is professional, yet very caring, a really good listener, thoughtful about her work, and generous with her wisdom.  She offered guidance that helps me be more conscious of how my body works and what I can do daily to feel my best. The benefits of working with her continue long after I've gotten up from the table.

Amy is definitely the best massage therapist I have been to and my body is so much better off because of her skilled work."

-female, age 49, Administrative Manager, Brooklyn, NYC

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"My husband and I started going to Amy in 2011. She is an incredible massage therapist and truly changed how we feel about massage as a whole. We used to see it as a luxury and after working with Amy, started to see the long term effects. Our overall stress levels were greatly reduced, our quality of sleep got better and better, and back pain started to disappear. She worked with me throughout my pregnancy as well, and I know she is partially responsible for why I had a pretty good pregnancy with minimal pain and virtually no swelling.

The thing about Amy as opposed to other therapist we had in the past is that she 100% is into helping others and making others feel better. She is committed to solving pain related problems and is always learning and researching new techniques. She made us feel relaxed and comfortable and always seemed to know which part of the body was causing us pain or carrying tension without us even having to tell her.

We no longer live in close proximity so have had to start out search for someone else. The problem is, she set the bar so high that we have yet to find anyone who is as in touch with and knows the body as well as Amy. She is truly amazing!"

-female, age 34, Director of Home Operations, Tribeca, NYC