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"I have a passion for beauty. Life, people, objects, music & movement are beautiful! Every little expression tells a story. Everything that enters my lens, from a falling leaf to an unexpected ray of light has the potential to create a new story or universe of images" 

 Acupuncturists without borders

This program takes you on site with Acupuncturists Without Borders recent disaster relief effort in Hawaii. It shows how this program was set up, the nature of the challenges the local people faced, and how acupuncture treatments helped them overcome their stress. It also documents how AWB trains local acupuncturists, does outreach and is able to help heal stress and suffering in communities around the world.

Qi Kung

For the last 4 years I have been working with Taoist Master Dr Chang Yi Hsiang in producing a documentary series on the health benefits of one of the oldest Qi Kung forms - The Eight Silken Forms. Presented here are 2 short clips that introduce 2 of the 8 Qi so important in Chinese Medicine. For more information on this series please contact

Ukelele crafter in Honolulu

Music is such a wonderful way to play and express yourself! I encourage everyone to learn a musical instrument as it soothes the soul through joy and tribulations. The Ukelele is a traditional Hawaiian Instrument with 4 strings. It can be played very simply and you can sing to it or played with high complexity by musicians such as Jake Shimabukoro, who travels the world with this little instrument. If you ever find yourself in Honolulu, look for the Ho'okani Music Company for locally made Ukeleles by this talented luthier Reid Shigemura.