Becoming in tune...

Imagine that you are a being of Sound composed of many tones. Your shape, movements, desires, and motivations, come from an inner concert. Everything you know and feel is Sound. Your concert is everywhere. When you dance, your body organs will make sounds and your muscles will play the correct tones. Your voice will sing praises, and the stars will shine upon you.

                                          - John Beaulieu,                                                                      Founder of Biosonic  Repatterning

Sound and vibration shape cellular morphology and development. Our earth sings to the spiraling tune of our galaxy. Our bodies, comprised mostly of water, resonate to sound and vibration. We are shaped to most effectively channel vibration. It is the fluids in our ear that allow us to hear. For all of us sound is our first memory, surrounded by our mother, hearing her heartbeat, her breath and her voice.

body ratios.jpeg

Sound massages our bones, our skull, our craniosacral fluid, the fluids in our glands, spinal cord and all our cells - directly affecting how we resonate with our environment. As one of the most primal elements, sound sparks immediate responses in us that surpass our rational mind, stirring old memories and feelings of things known and unknown. The universe is constantly singing and particular sound patterns reoccur ubiquitously throughout nature. These vibrations influence how a flower grows and blooms, and how our own heart grows from embryo to adult. The Fibonacci Sequence is one of these mathematical and sonic patterns that defines not only the growth of a sea shell but also our galaxy. Another of these is Pythagoras' Perfect 5th, which creates a resonance that brings us back to our center. It describes the ratio of 2/3 which is reiterated in our skeletal structure. The perfect 5th is known to balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, the two mechanism that determine "fright and flight" or "rest and digest" respectively.