"Healing, in essence, is a test of understanding - of ourselves and how we can actively participate in our own health, just as much as we have inadvertently participated in our own illness. The healing process must begin with acceptance. That is, if you seek health and provide healing - don't delay it just because you may not understand it." 

                                                                                                                      - Jeffrey Yuen

Our Mission

We want to be involved in the development of "alternative" and "complimentary" medicine within the  healthcare system- this means redefining its role in our lives and of those we touch.  The unenlightened state of healthcare considers the body a bystander to life.  "Cut it out or drug it out" is still a common motto, viewing parts of the body as dispensable and devoid of its own somatic wisdom.  This attitude does not provide for a sustainable lifestyle.  We want to share our knowledge of the body and the medicine we have learned with the community - giving them access to more tools to deal with stress, pain, ailments and disease. Our goal is to elevate healthcare by bringing more awareness about Acupuncture and Massage to the community. The benefits are integral and long-lasting, preventative and proactive.