Amy's massage style of choice is a Blend of 

Sarga Bodywork and Ashiatsu.

Amy is a certified SARGA BODYWORK Instructor and Practitioner. SARGA BODYWORK is a barefoot bodywork method that employs tensional and gravitational force to apply therapeutic myofascial techniques. Born from a commitment to uncompromising practitioner body mechanics, the dynamics of this technique can be adapted to any client body type and contact preference.

Amy is also certified in ASHIATSU DEEP FEET BAR THERAPY, a modern form of barefoot bodywork, utilizing an overhead bar system, to employ gliding and static deep compressions. This allows for the use of gravitational force and controlled bodyweight to administer a deep and soothing style with firm pressure. Sessions are aimed at reducing pain and creating balance.


Sarga Bodywork Instructional Courses Available for Licensed Massage Therapists and Bodyworkers.