I find it to be exceptional in reducing spasms and relieving tight muscles of the back and shoulders. A cotton ball dipped in alcohol is lit, placed within the cup, burning the oxygen inside, thus creating a vacuum, which is placed safely on the body, specific to points or channels.  Cupping works on muscle and fascia via reversed compression; pulling the muscle belly up and away from underlying tissue, creating space and a lifting sensation.  This lift brings toxins and de-oxygenated blood to the surface to be redistributed by lymph. 

When treated consecutively, the markings will decrease in severity because the stagnation will be resolved and the act of Cupping encourages the blood and fluids to keep moving. Cupping improves circulation locally and assists in removal of metabolic cellular waste.  No marks or a light pink coloration is normal and healthy.  Darker markings of red, burgundy, to purple and sometimes black, indicate stagnation, pain, and lack of oxygen in the tissue.

Cup marks can last a few days to a month depending on your circulation.